African Fossil Shark's Teeth 

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 We sell high quality Namibian fossilised shark's teeth whale vertebrae and unusual rocks all from the border of South West Africa and Namibia we accept Western Union as method of payment or wire transfer. We do offer a money back guarantee and these are the oldest fossils in the world and are rare and highly sort after including the mako, great white and megalodon. These fossils are from the cambrian period and are the oldest sharks in the world.

Brief info on fossilised shark's teeth:

This giant monster man eater great white shark is the cousin of the megalodon, these great hite monsters are mainly found on the african coast line. These sharks shed thousands of teeth in their life time. The process for a shark's tooth to become fossilised is an extremely long process which takes thousands of years to become a true fossil, these fossils come in different shapes, sizes and colours and each tooth is unique. 

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